the art of it

Commissions and projects are an extremely important part of our studio time, often demanding special consideration with material, size, environment and maintenance. 

With over 30 projects completed worldwide, Nunan – Cartwright sculptures, paintings, mosaics, photography and prints are found in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.


The joy and excitement of starting a new project inspires and feeds the creative ideas. Understanding the project we start sketching and discussing the initial ideas, and before long we are creating concept models, doing more drawings and in-situ mock ups. This is the time we begin to understand the direction of the art work and time to write about it so the concept and ideas can be shared. Now it is time to get feedback from the client and onto the working model for the final art work.


The concept has been been agreed ! It is time to get started, the material chosen, the best studio to work in is selected, a detailed time frame is arranged between the artist and the client. The materials we select reflects the need of the commissioned art work. The marble is sourced from Carrara or Pietrasanta, renowned to have the best in the world. Bronze sculpture is cast in the art foundries of Pietrasanta where there is a long history of art casting and respected as one of the best in the world. Pietrasanta also has many master Mosaic studios using the Venetian Smalti ( hand blown and cut glass.) The area around the studios of Pietrasanta is an artist’s mecca, everything that is needed can be found here to help create the very best art for your project.

We always use the very best materials which also helps to reduce maintenance to a minimum. It must be remembered that anything placed outdoors is never maintenance free, but we can get as close as possible to it. Most care for sculptural works requires simple maintenance. We will supply a maintenance schedule on how to clean and maintain your sculptural artworks on delivery.


We have delivered our art all around the world; to Australia, China, Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, to South Africa, to the Americas and to Europe. Most of our art for projects departs from the studios and foundry in Pietrasanta where we have been using the same transporter for over 15 years.

Our art is our passion so we make sure it gets to you safely.