We are excited to invite you to the opening of our new studios in

Provence, France

6:30 pm on the 18th July

5 Grand rue, Correns, 83570

During our opening celebrations we are delighted to present

Friends of the Artists’ Exhibition


Sollai Cartwright

Jacob Cartwright

Douglas Robinson

Craig Ruddy

Fré Ilgen


Nigel Broadbent

New roof, stairs, floors to take sculptures, walls hard plastered and now the flowers are in the windows. The builders nearly finished inside, about to move onto the facade and we are busily arranging our work spaces, fetching art works from all over, aching to simply be in our studios.

Our studios are in the first biologique village of France, Correns, home to Rosé  for over 2500 years and placed at the edge of the Vallon Sourn on the Argens River. Daily we are entranced by the ancient local culture, tasting and feeling it as we walk country lanes strewn with flowers of the fields, ambling through markets with their grand shade trees in all the picturesque villages that surround us. Everyday here is an inspiration for our art.