An Exhibition of Monumental Sculpture

on the walls of the Citadel Maritime Museum.

Dear Friends,

As we near freedom with vaccines on the horizon we hope and trust you and your families have remained well. Life this year for us has been a bit surreal but incredibly creative. We have some awesome news we would love to share with you.

We are proud to announce we have been invited by the Marie of St Tropez and the director of the Citadel Museum to exhibit our monumental sculptures on the old walls of the Citadel overlooking the town ! This wonderful old fort has seen some great sculpture exhibitions in past years, with Botero’s not the least amongst those.  We are very excited as the show will extend over the summer for five months, from June to October 2021 and will give our traveling friends the opportunity to see the work. We are now engaged in the organising of procuring our large works from around Europe and are happily planning new pieces for the show as well as arranging collaboration for transportation, catalogues etc. It is a huge event and equal to our last major show in London at Australia House High Commission in 2018.

Michael-Francis on top of his plinth.
Shona eagerly waiting for the gates to open to look at the spaces – always early!
On the walls looking towards the Golfe de St Tropez

Wishing you peace and joy,

Michael-Francis and Shona

If you would like more information about the exhibition or if you are interested in collaboration please feel free to contact us.


+33 0 7 87 99 22 37

The Citadel Maritime Museum, St Tropez