sculpture, drawing, prints

My art is symbolically about the life journey and the inner connection to our being.  I am attracted to the symbols of archetypal man because they intuitively express the things that are important to living, such as the the life cycle, fertility and protection. The themes of my art include guardian figures, the woman form to express the life cycle, the horse and riders for the plateaus of a life’s journey, and the warrior. 

Earth Guardians. My Guardians have been a part of my work for many years, inspired at first from an amazing trip when I was a young girl, into the outback with my father, (who is also an artist). We discovered caves that were sacred and guarded at the entrance by formidable guardian figures. They stayed with me as an important symbol of protection and safety. My work with Guardian figures over the years have developed from almost realistic male and female figures to these forms today that resemble shield like male and female forms. My inspiration comes from African and New Guinean shields, huge New Guinean masks, leaves, shells and seed pods, sticks, and in particular for the male form, a portion of a tortoise shell, with its beautiful markings and inner rib creating its strength.

‘I love rich earth colours. I feel the earth colour in my whole being, I can smell in its dark smoky browns, its woodiness, its mustiness, in the reds I feel the abundant bloody fertility, in the ochres I feel the sun and warmth and light’.