Nunan & Cartwright Gallery

5 Grand rue, Correns 83570

Earth Goddess

Sculptures and Drawings by

Shona Nunan

to be opened by Céline Cousteau

June 4 at 16:00

“Queen of fertility, abundance, growth, of Earth. She is embracing, nurturing, her cloak a guard against the darkness. She is the one who relinquishes her womb to new life, her breasts to growth. She emerges from dark sleep like a flower in Spring, tendrils awakening, reaching, her touch generous, abundant, glorious. She waters the fields of dreams and carries the harvest of desire.”

Shona Nunan



Tribal Art

To be opened by M. & Mme Pavlidis.

July 9 – 8 August

African, Americas, and Oceania, from the collection of M. & Mme. Pavlidis of La Maison Hilarion with the art of Nunan & Cartwright.


Paintings by Michael-Francis Cartwright

September 03 – October 1