LOST IN THE COSMOS exhibition of drawings & sculpture by Michael and launch of the Bio Olive oil SOUS LES ETOILES from Correns

Arrival, Pietrasanta – piazza Carducci

Shona’s monumental sculpture, ‘Arrival’ now stands at the entrance to Pietrasanta in Tuscany. It will be on exhibition for three months.

Passage, acquired some 30 years ago for the Lindenderry boutique hotel at Redhill, Victoria

We have spent the first two months in Australia where we have set up a continual exhibition at the boutique hotel Lindenderry at Red Hill in Victoria who also have a large collection of our art including the monumental sculpture, ‘Passage’ by Michael.

We are very excited to announce our exhibition at the Art Foundation, Falaise Art Center, Cotignac. The exhibition will show about 30 of our small and monumental sculptures.


Provence is once again warm and sunny so we find ourselves immersed in our studios.  Last year was amazing with great exhibitions, great sales and lots of new artwork coming out of the studios. This year we have been busy renovating our 2 bottom floors into our new gallery. The first exhibition is of Shona’s ‘Earth Goddess’ series to be opened by Céline Cousteau on the 4th of June at 16:00. Please let us know if you can attend.

We are excited to partner with the Domaine Aspras winery in Correns, the first biologique, (organic) village in France.  We have four large sculptures on permanent rotating exhibition in the new garden of their new cave, and this year we are also taking part in the Art & Vin summer exhibitions of Provence Vert with the Domaine Aspras.

Looking out to Journey of the Sage

Our exhibition at the Citadel Museum in Saint-Tropez last year was definitely the new highlight in our artistic careers.  It was a massive undertaking and a logistic triumph !    We commissioned five new large sculptures to be cast at the foundry in Pietrasanta, created a beautiful catalogue for the exhibition and commissioned a short documentary as well, (that was a surprise). 

The exhibition ran from May to November and with the Museum attracting in excess of 70,000 visitors over the summer months our exhibition had a wonderful attendance throughout the year.  We had four independent art consultants introducing our sculptures to new collectors around the world resulting in some impressive acquisitions into private collections.

antipodes exhibition st-tropez

In October we were proud to once again exhibit our art in the centre of Saint Tropez with our son Jacob Lucius, also a sculptor, for the Antipodean film festival directed by Bernard Bories.

This year we are also expanding our studios in Correns to include our ‘Big Studio’, at the entrance of the village where we will store, exhibit and create our monumental sculptures. It is a great old wine storage on the river Argens and opposite the wonderfully eccentric outdoor summer restaurant, ‘La Paillote’, a great place to sit and have a drink on a hot summer’s day by the river.

Opposite the Big Studio, Correns

We wish you well and invite you to our new gallery & ateliers when you are next in beautiful Provence.