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NEW Spring News


The Visitor by Michael-Francis

The Swallows

The swallows have returned from Africa after their exhausting journey over the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean sea, the sky is sketched with hundreds of birds swooping, feasting on the million Spring insects. It is a time of rejoicing for us as it heralds warmth and Provencal light after the winter, and we prepare for visits from friends and travellers.


Our Studios Correns

During the winter months we were visited by a talented young director, Hugo Cavalier, who produced two informative video portraits of us. They are about 7 minutes long and subtitles are offered in English, French and Mandarin at the cc button.



Chateauvert Provence

This summer we are delighted to announce we have been invited to exhibit our sculptures at Chateau Margui, Skywalker Winery, which has recently been established near our beautiful Correns. We will be exhibiting mostly large bronzes in and around the new winery boutique from June throughout the Summer.


Saint-Tropez Provence

We are delighted to have our exhibition at the Citadelle Museum formally postponed to 2022.  Hopefully we will have all returned to some normality, and you will be able to visit.  The exhibition will run from June to October, 2022.


London UK

We would like to thank Alex Pior from our London based gallery, ‘High Performance Art’, for a wonderfully produced online exhibition of Michael-Francis’ sculpture during April and May.  There will be an online exhibition during July and August of Shona’s sculpture. 


Our Sons, both sculptors, have also been busy.

Melbourne Australia

Sollai has an exhibition of his latest marble sculptures in Melbourne, which will open on the 22 May – 12 June. more info

Pietrasanta Tuscany

Jacob has recently opened the massive ‘Tre Luci Art Studios’ with a small group of sculptors near the center of Pietrasanta, Italy. If you are in the area, make sure you visit. contact Jacob


Our Art Residency Tuscany

We were delighted when Ronald and Margaret Farren-Price donated Ronald’s practise piano to our Artist Residency this year. We are now able to extend our programme to include musicians and singers as well as the visual and performing arts. All the artists who have not been able to attend due to Covid have now been placed into a later date when it is warmer and hopefully without restrictions, leaving only a few spaces available this year. If you are interested in sponsoring a visual, literary or performing artist to attend the residency during 2022, please contact us directly while spaces are still available. more info


We would like to thank you for your continued support and while we are updating our newsletter mail out, please let us know if you no longer wish to receive updates from us. We would also like to remind you that you are always welcome to visit our studios in Correns, Provence.

 Please visit our webpage to view New Works


Wishing you all the best

Michael-Francis and Shona

Shield Warrior by Shona