sculpture, painting, prints, mosaics

Creativity is the essence of humanity, without it we would not have the wheel, fire, shelter, great art or sustainable business. My life is about creating, thinking outside the norm, always asking, ‘what if’, demanding growth and originality. The commissions and projects I have been privileged to create reflect both my spirit as an artist and the spirit of the project.

Passage is a sculpture commissioned by the Singapore Government for the Expo building. It stands 5 metres tall and is situated in the gardens of the VIP entrance.

‘Moon Dance’ is cast in bronze at Versiliese foundry in Pietrasanta.  It is in an edition of three.  Edition 1 of 3 was first exhibited in the ‘Journeys’ exhibition at Australia House, London, it has now been donated to the village of Correns, France.
The main painting for Capital M Beijing restaurant was commissioned to cover the spinal wall of the restaurant. Like a sculpture you have to walk around the painting to see it all as it wraps around and down from the entrance and into the main dining room. Along a small walkway to the restrooms is a painting of ‘The Path’ with fire red bronze cast handle pulls to the rest rooms made by Michael.
Painted over the year the work responds to the changing seasons along the river and watching the swirls of the currents and the reflection of clouds in the water and finding Chinese motifs in these.
The restaurant has now closed and the painting has been reinstalled into the newly renovated M on the Bund, Shanghai.
Created while in residence at the International Chinese school I chose a subject of expedition and wonder, inspiration for the student of life. It is the Astronomer looking into the universe, lost in its immensity, dreaming to explore. The face like a radar dish searching the skies.
size 200 x 240 cm
Made by the artist on site with traditional mosaic, glass tiles, (smalti) hand blown & cut, marble and ceramic tiles.
created for the Yew Chung Foundation International School, Hong Kong
Hand printed, unique and limited editions
Metropolis Hotel Tianjin, China. Presidential suite.