nunan & Cartwright at La Falaise Cotignac

It is rare when a family of artists can stand together side by side with equal talent and individuality. Director and curator, Marc Tigrane, has curated an exhibition of art from three members of the Nunan- Cartwright family, Shona Nunan, Michael Francis Cartwright and Jacob Cartwright, into a theatre of monumental sculptures, drawings and paintings in the Centre d’Art la Falaise of Cotignac

The dynamic of this three generational art family, which includes the two fathers of the couple, Shona and Michael, and their two sons, Jacob and Sollai, is a case of all their personal and professional lives intertwining and creating a legacy of deeply personal and emotionally resonant art. Their art is a testament of the profound impact that love, trust and mutual respect can have on the creative process, leaving an enduring mark on their places in history.
Shona and Michael have studios in Australia, Italy and France and live in the village of Correns in the heart of Provence. Jacob has his studios and lives in the town of sculpture, Pietrasanta, in Tuscany, Italy, and Sollai lives and has his studio in Castlemaine, Australia.

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