sculpture, photography, sound

Jacob savours the discovery and challenge that new materials and methods offer his creativity. He sculpts marble, wood and steel, enjoys the mental imagery of conceptual sound sculpture and loves losing himself through a camera lens. He is a studied musician – improvisation his strength – and has been composing since he was 12. For him, listening is the most important thing, the act of creating is singing along with life and he approaches all creativity in the same way he would ride the ebbs of music. 
In Tuscany where Mt. Altissimo’s foot hills sweep down to the plains and beaches of the Mediterranean sits Pietrasanta, a sculptors mecca and the site where Jacob has chosen for his main studios and home.

Inspired by sound and other resonances felt by the human consciousness Jacob sculpts these transient frequencies into a solid and lasting state.
This piece describes to Jacob the embrace we feel when creating, (the place he tries to reach when sculpting). It is duality and unity – paradoxical. It is the ‘Void’ from which all things come. The piece was sculpted from a walnut tree from his proper- ty in the mountains near Lucca, Tuscany. It died standing and was perfectly dried this way. For hundreds of years the valley was a walnut plantation and this tree was one of the last remaining. The sculpted wood has been charred and then rubbed with oils.
Embrace, black marble and steel
Bull, black marble and steel
From the series, ‘Reflections’ taken from an abandoned marble quarry deep in the mountains behind Jacob’s studios in Italy.