the third in a series of online exhibitions


“Birds are Freedom”

A collection of sculptures, paintings and drawings


Michael Francis


Birds are freedom.  I love them in the vast stretches of the Australian landscape, in the dryness and the colour, the earth rusted and flat, pierced by waterholes, protected by a huge sky. Birds are an important part of my work, they defy us humans living alongside us.  My heart breaks when I see a bird in a cage from man’s desire to enslave the magic of freedom.

In Australia we have amazing birds, their cacophony of song is more raucous than where we live now in Europe. I have memories of the wonderful characterful cockatoos, screeching across the landscape, arriving on a farmer’s field in huge numbers, squawking rowdily in the twilight before ascending to the trees on the creek’s edge for the night.

I love, too, the elegant warbling magpie, they are the great loyal partner; if one is hit by a car, the other will stay by its side until it too, perhaps, is struck down.

And then I am nostalgic for that call of the crow as he flies over a quiet land, crying a sad lonely caw.


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