Woman in the Field

Shona Nunan


Bronze Edition 2 of 8

81 x 32 x 15 cm


catalogue number SNS46


Woman in the field is part of my Harvest series of work. This particular sculpture comes inspired by old Italy. In our early days living in Pieve di Monti di Villa, above Bagni di Lucca, we met an old Italian man who returned to his village each year from America. He made good in America with his plaster figurines, a  speciality of his home region in Tuscany, creating a whole industry of lamps from the figurines. One of his many wonderful stories of his youth included his memories of his mother, swaying gently up the hillside each day in her long skirts, on her head a platter filled with the lunch of the day for her family up working in the fields. She was such a welcomed and loved sight. Somehow I wanted to incorporate this feeling of gentle abundance in her amphora like form.