sculpture by Michael-Francis Cartwright

Moon Dance, maquette

Michael Francis Cartwright



edition of 6

99.5 x 44.5 x 10.5 cm


catalogue number MFCS04

Moon Dance, maquette is the manifestation of the joy of knowledge and belonging. We have gazed into the night skies, into the universe, since we first walked the earth. A time when we had an intimate connection, respect and awe of the dense sky at night, its stars its spirits, the moon, the auroras, the shooting stars, the massive beings mapped by those stars, the stories created and passed on and on. In our simplicity we were one with nature, the earth, the lands we lived in and the universe we looked up to.

Moon Dance is the celebration of our reawakening of our place in the universe, our love, our respect and our joy of the Universe. We dance in the reflected light of the moon, we dance over the moon, we dance in joy and respect and love of where we belong.