sculpture by Shona Nunan


Shona Nunan


edition 1 of 6
181 x 48 x 30


catalogue number SNS06

‘Sentinel’ is a strong woman form standing on guard. She comes inspired by the ancient sword.  It came constantly to my attention all the beautiful feminine association of breasts and hips in the hilts of the swords. The Pommel became the head and the Grip became the waist, and the Guard became the hips. The forms related to my vessel series of women, at least from a two dimensional view point. The simple strength of the lines in the sword and the lovely swirl of the guards have enriched the language of my woman forms as guardians and sentinels.

This sculpture is cast in bronze and has a rich black patina. It is lightly textured, but smooth to touch. It can stand with or without a plinth and has pins to fix to a base if required.


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