Shona Nunan



edition 1 of 3

210 x 55 x 38 cm

‘Life’ with her spiralling breasts and stomach is the feminine principle of the cycles of life, of fertility, abundance, of infinite growth in an infinite universe. She came to me spontaneously and unannounced in a smaller form, years before I felt she belonged to my work. I treasured her without being certain of my direction in my work. At that time I was very figurative. Over time, my work became more essential as I sought the archetypal messages of living through the powerful simplified works of ancient cultures. For my contribution to the exhibition, ‘Journeys’ at Australia House in London, I chose to create ‘Life at two metres as she truly embodied the feminine featuring mostly in my series of work for this show.

‘Life’, cast in bronze is highly textured and organic in a rich black patina.


catalogue number SNS05

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