sculpture shona nunan


Shona Nunan



edition of 8

57 x 53 x 40 cm


catalogue number SNS20

Joy comes from my Horse and Rider series representing for me the different plateaus of life experiences. I created Joy while I was working on a lovely commission to create a series of three acrobats. It was a time of complete happiness and contentment, creating, feeling incredible wellbeing. The Rider is a bit like the acrobats I was working on. I loved at the time, the Chinese inspired outfits that gave a wonderful almost geometric form to the figures, instead of being closely anatomical. I loved the feeling of the balance of acrobats and here the horse who is strong and solid and dependable allows the rider to throw his arms and legs wide open in an expression of absolute joy.  The first edition is in the collection of the Hamilton Regional Gallery, Australia.


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