Shona Nunan

2004 – 2005


edition 1 of 3

225 x 153 x 69 cm


catalogue number SNS23

The Horse and Rider is a significant evolving theme in Nunan’s work. With early influences from old Swedish horse carvings, Chinese ceramics and the Italian artist Marino Marini, she has created her horse and riders to represent the journey through life. Each plateau in her life has brought forth a new Horse and Rider. Nunan symbolically regards the Horse and Rider as a symbiotic union of spirit and ego. Her earlier horses were a lot finer and lighter than the heavier riders, more and more the horse is stronger and more than equal in the partnership. 

Reflecting the passage through life, Arrival’ emerged after a time of great endurance and with this sculpture Nunan often refers to the sense that she had climbed to the top of a mountain. The feeling of arrival gave a great sense of calm and tranquility with an overview of the past and the view ahead splendid, the possibilities endless.