sculpture by Michael-Francis Cartwright

Astronomer Looking Into The Night Sky

Michael Francis Cartwright


bronze sculpture
edition 1 of 3
145.5 x 54 x 92 cm


catalogue number MFCS05

I love the night. I love looking up into that endless mass of stars and planets, the blackness deepening and creating perspective beyond the dome of our daytime. I feel the need to take note of it in my art, perhaps because as modern humans we often don’t recognise ourselves as part of this greater whole, and if we did, would we be so myopic in our world, so without the sense of consequence one should know in the maturity of a civilisation.

The Astronomer is inspired by those great satellite dishes that peer up into the universe of stars and planets and black holes and nebulas… I have given this satellite dish a playful human slant, so the dish looks like a giant head looking upwards, on the organic body of the earth. It is us, collectively, taking in the greatness of all life.

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