“Imagination,” said George Bernard Shaw, “is the beginning of creation”. The ability to imagine is what sparks off ideas or feelings, which might then be transformed into a painting, a sculpture, a novel or a piece of music. Copyright protects the expression of the idea and encourages people to ‘create’.

The copyright does not imply that we don’t share materials with others; the media, companies, organisations and individuals. Rather, the copyright allows us to control the manner in which the materials are used and represented to the public. Material is shared on a case-by-case basis and becomes more liberal as a good two-way relationship is developed.

We will not allow gross mis-representation of an art work, and expect credit where credit is due.  We expect that credit be clearly given to the artist.  In most cases, copyright will be given in some way, usually limited, to an occasion or some in-house usage.

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Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works Treaty