Nunan & Cartwright Studios

Correns in Provence, France

Studio Correns visit

Plan for one to two hours to wander the Nunan & Cartwright studios and gallery in Correns. Two structures stand as sentinels of Authentic creativity: the first nestled in the village’s heart, a four-story edifice. Here, on the ground floor and in the Cave (a basement with the weight of history), the Gallery beckons. Ascend two flights to Shona and Michael’s inner sanctums, open for curious souls. At the summit, art awaits, a trove of discovery in the Art Room, accompanied by the solace of a fine wine, or perhaps a great Italian coffee or a splendid aromatic tea.

The second citadel of creation, The Big Studio, stands watch at Correns’ threshold, a mere 350 meters away. Behold monumental bronzes that dare the skies. Yet more awaits! Venture to the Aspras Winery, a stroll of 500 meters from the Big Studio. Here, a permanent exhibition thrives, a testament to Nunan & Cartwright. Sip wine, partake in a tasting, and let art and the fruits of the vine converge in sensory harmony.

Studio Australia

The Nunan & Cartwright Studios in Naarm, (Melbourne), Australia are near the beaches of Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsula. The studios are not open to the public.

Melbourne, Australia

Studio Tuscany

The Nunan & Cartwright Studios in Tuscany, Italy are in the ancient sculptors city, Pietrasantra, where the large works are modelled and cast at the art foundry of Versiliese.

Pietrasanta Tuscany, Italy

Collecting Art

For a glimpse, reach out to Ashley Macleod. Your privacy secured.

Places to stay and eat around Correns

A lovely chamber d’hôtes with large rooms and a great breakfast across the road from the studios.

A small hotel also has large rooms and a good restaurant, 40 meters from the studios.

A luxury hotel in Cotignac, a 20 min drive, which also has a very good restaurant.

Hostel de l’Abbaye de la Celle

A luxury Hotel near Brignoles, a 25 min drive, with a Michelin star * restaurant

Art Consultants for Nunan & Cartwright

Ashley Macleod Nunan & Cartwright, Galley • Correns

Alex Prior HP Art Gallery – London

Karolina Blasiak Art Advisory – Monaco

Danielle Kuans – Taiwan

Sally Gibbs Art – Australia


Aspras Winery