Karolina Blasiak Art Advisory

Karolina Blasiak

London, England

High Performance Art Gallery

Alex Prior

Taipei, Taiwan

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Sally Gibbs Art

Sally Gibbs


Ashley Macleod Art Consultancy

Ashley Macleod

Bronze & Marble

The bronze and marble sculptures of both Nunan & Cartwright are created in the bronze art foundries or marble yards of the ancient town of Pietrasanta in Tuscany, Italy.

The bronze sculptures are unique or cast in a limited edition of 3 or 8.

Buying our Art

You can buy our art directly from the Ateliers or from one of our representing Art Advisors. Prices do not include taxes. Please feel free to fill in the form at the bottom of each art page if you need any extra assistance.


All purchases through our studios are packed, insured and transported directly to you by the Nunan & Cartwright Ateliers. We can normally offer free delivery, FOB, (Freight on Board). There may be extra costs in your home country which we are unable to control.

Enjoy the website and we look forward to meeting you.