Michael Francis Cartwright is used to his freedom.  His art is the voice of freedom.  His work, whether it is sculpture or painting or drawing or printmaking, has always been that way. He alternates between inventive delightful play, where what he makes is a quirky reference to life, to serious tough and uncompromising judgement on man and nature, and then to pure luscious sensuousness when only the colour matters or forms and textures are created to abstractly convey beauty. His work is not sequential.  He doesn’t care that the work is not sequential.  It is the freedom of being that counts in his work and in his personal life, a life that also declares his freedom.  His philosophy is about a journey in life that is inspired and connected to his inner yearnings  to grow as a creator.     Despite the several nuances of his nature, Cartwright over the years has developed his own signature that defines his work as his own,   “I create in an attempt to destroy personal borders.”  Now Cartwright lives in the Tuscan hills beyond Lucca.  He paints in his studio on the green Lima River in Bagni di Lucca and goes to his studio in Pietrasanta where he carves marble or casts his work in bronze.

Selected Exhibitions

2022 Sculpture, Nunan and Cartwright, Citadel Museum, St Tropez, France 

2018 Artistes Antipodes, St Tropez, France, with Shona Nunan, sculpture, painting and drawing

2018 Exhibition, ‘Journeys’, of sculpture at Australian High Commission, London, in the great Exhibition Hall with Shona Nunan, Jacob Cartwright and Sollai Cartwright to celebrate 100 years of Australia House.

2016 Mossgreen Gallery, Melbourne Australia

2015 Mossgreen Gallery, Melbourne Australia

2014 Sandra Walters exhibition at the Sai Kung Garden 

2014Exhibition, sculpture, painting and drawing at Nock Art Foundation in Hong Kong, with Shona Nunan and Sollai Cartwright.         

2014 Sandra Walters Consultancy exhibition, HK

         La Rondine Gallery, Drawing exhibition with Shona Nunan

         La Rondine Gallery, group exhibition

2013 La Rondine Gallery Pop Up Exhibition, Sheung Wan Art Precinct, Hong Kong

         La Rondine Gallery, Tuscany, Italy

2012 La Rondine Gallery, Tuscany, Italy

2010 Gallicano, Tuscany, Italy

2009 Gallicano, Tuscany, Italy

2008 Gallicano, Tuscany, Italy

2004 Art 2 Gallery, Mita Building, Singapore

2001 Art 2 Gallery, Mita Building, Singapore

2001 Sandra Walters – Rotunda, Exchange Square, Hong Kong.

2000 Lindenderry, Red Hill, Australia

2000 Sheraton Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

2000 Exhibition At Baltazar Gallery, painting

1999 Willums Art Foundation, Provence, France

1997 Sandra Walters, Hong Kong

1997 Ian Rogers, Melbourne, Australia

1997 Fort Canning Park, with the Shona tribe sculptors of Africa. Singapore.

1995 Solander Gallery, ACT, Australia

1995 Art 2 Gallery, Singapore

1994 Meridian Gallery, traveling show to China, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong Art Fair

1994 Meridian Gallery, collaborative exhibition with artist Tony Scott. Vic. Australia

1994 Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Meridian Gallery

1993 Meridian Gallery, Vic. Australia

1992 Qdos Gallery, Lorne, Australia

1992 Castlemaine Gaol, Vic. Australia

1992 Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Meridian Gallery

1991 Alchemy Gallery, Vic. Australia

1990 Castlemaine gaol exhibition, Castlemaine, Australia

1989 Wallace Bros. Gallery, Vic. Australia

1988 Mildura Sculpture Triennial, Vic. Australia

1988 Barossa Sculpture Symposium, SA. Australia

1987 Holdsworth Gallery, Sydney, Australia

1986 Bitumen River Gallery, ACT, Australia

1984 Mildura Sculpture Triennial, Vic. Australia

Artist Residencies

2015 Montsalvat artist in residence, Melbourne Australia

2015 Kunstler Bei Wu, Wesenberg, Germany

2013 Cill Rialaig Art Project, County Kerry, Ireland

CIS, Chinese International School Hong Kong

2011 Yew Chung Foundation, Hong Kong.

1999 Willums Art Foundation, Provence, France

1998 Cill Rialig Art Project, County Kerry, Ireland

1996 Willums Art Foundation, Provence, France

1991 Port Moresby College of Art, PNG

1990 3rd street , New York. USA

Selected commissions and projects

2016 Private commission, Redhill, Australia, ‘Fishing Over Uluru’ bronze 250 x 200 cm, Australia

2013 Created hand carving marble sculpture symposium, Bagni di Lucca Arts Festival, Italy

2011 Yew Chung Foundation, Hong Kong, `Setting free the Golden Carp’ 250 x 500cm, painting for the Gallery entrance at Yew Chung, Hong Kong

Yew Chung Foundation, Hong Kong, ‘Lost in the Cosmos’ 200 x 240cm venetian (smalto) glass mosaic, entrance at Yew  Chung, Hong Kong

2010 Goldin Metrolpolis Hotel, Tianjin, China, ‘Sunset’ 200 x 496cm oil on eight chestnut panels, commissioned for the Presidential suite.

2010 Morgan Stanley, head office-ICC tower, Hong Kong,`The Bank’, 810cm long, three panels, oil on linen,

2008 Capital M Beijing, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China,`Journey’ 50 meters long x varying heights, (2.2 – 5.4), oil on linen

Reclining Figure’ black marble on granite, apprx. 200 cm tall by 250cm x 150cm

1999 Singapore Expo building,`Passage’, 5 x 3 x 1.5 meters, bronze, granite and concrete, VIP entrance,

2000 Australia, private commission for garden, ‘Reclining Figure’ black marble on granite, apprx. 200 cm tall by 250cm x 150cm

1998 Private commission, ‘Voyage’ for garden, Australia

1997 Grand Plaza Hotel, Singapore,`Journey’, 2.8 x 2.5 x 1.0 meters, bronze

1996 Willums Art Foundation, Provence, France, a collection of cast bronze and steel sculptures

1993 Private commission, Memorial sculpture, ‘Boat’, NSW, Australia

1988 Sculpture symposium Tanunda, South Australia – donation of large marble sculpture, ‘Awakening’, to The local council

1978 Environmental work at Portsea Bay beach, Victoria, Australia. Documented on the front page of `The Herald’, the Melbourne daily newspaper.