Studio Provence

Located in the heart of Provence, in Correns, our studios welcome visitors by appointment, offering an intimate glimpse into the creative process. The gallery opens its doors to the public a few days a week during the summer period, inviting you to immerse yourself in the world of Nunan & Cartwright. To plan your visit, feel free to reach out and make contact with us.

Correns, proudly bearing the title of the first biologique village in France, is not only the backdrop to the studios but also the home of our esteemed partners. Nestled alongside us are Aspras Winery and Sous les Etoiles Olive Oil, kindred spirits in the pursuit of excellence. Together, we weave a tapestry of art, wine, and the rich flavors of Provence, inviting you to experience the essence of our collaborative journey.

Studio Australia

The Nunan & Cartwright Studios in Australia are on the Mornington Peninsula, a short drive from Melbourne. The studios are not open to the public, however, you can visit Lindenderry, Lancemore at Red Hill to view our art in their collection. Works are also available to collect. 

Studio Tuscany

Nunan & Cartwright Studios in Tuscany, Italy, find their haven in the ancient sculptors’ city of Pietrasanta, where creativity reverberates through time. Here, large works take shape and are immortalized at the art foundry of Versiliese.

Michael-Francis Cartwright
Michael-Francis scaling up to a monumental size
Shona Nunan in the wax room

Correns • Provence France

Pietrasanta • Tuscany Italy

Victoria • Australia