Shona Nunan, born in 1959, has always been the artist, ever present in her artist father’s studio. At a young age her parents took the family into the outback of Australia to live where she discovered those essential markings of the original Australian people on the walls of the caves and etched into the rocks.  Her work is about the earth and our belonging to it.

While Nunan’s most consistent medium is bronze, she begins with plaster, quickly modelling and then carving and etching into her forms.

The themes of her work are archetypal in essence. The Guardians, great protectors and defenders of life, are symbols of night and day, yin and yang, the partnership. The celebration of the Woman or the Mother in Shona’s work comes from a profound exploration of the feminine and using this knowledge to express the harvest, abundance, the cycles of life. The Horse and Rider another archetype, represents the Journey of Life. For Shona the relationship between the horse and rider reflect the relationship between the self, (the rider), and the horse, (inner self), at different times of life. 

Shona Nunan and her artist husband Michael-Francis Cartwright have studios in Provence, Tuscany and Australia and have two sons who are both sculptors.

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