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It was an honour to be invited by the Australian High Commissioner, Hon. Alexander Downer, to exhibit as a family at Australia House in London and to help celebrate its 100 year anniversary.

Exhibition Hall at Australia House, London


The complete family Jaqueline and Jacob, Sollai and Danica, Michael and Shona with Sandra Walters during the opening speech


The opening crowd at Australia House with Sollai Abstract Form in the foreground


Cloud on Hill sterling silver and bronze by Michael-Francis


Boat by Jacob and Harvest, Life,Torso and Sentinel by Shona


Life by Shona with Harvest in the foreground


Torso by Shona


Sollai with his Abstract Form


collectors looking at Jacob’s small works


Sentinel by Shona


Detail of Michael’s Reflection


Michael’s marble Cloud over Montefegatassi


Shona’s new Spirit Guardian


Shona and Spirit Guardian


Shona’s Guardian, like a leaf


Shona’s Spirit Guardian and Michael-Francis’ Astronomer


Michael Francis’ Moon Dance




Lovers by Sollai


detail of Couple by Jacob


Boat by Jacob


Jacob with Boat


Cloud over Prato Fiorito or the Joyful Cloud by Michael-Francis


Sollai’s Abstract Form through Moon Dance and Astronomer in the background


detail of marble cloud




Michael-Francis Astronomer


Sollai’s Woman Figure and Jacob’s The Dreaming


Sollai’s Black Spanish marble Male Torso


The artist family Nunan Cartwright




images courtesy of Chris Tubbs

and Australia House