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Happy Year of the Rooster!

Primavera by Shona at Montsalvat, Australia

What an outstanding twelve months it has been for us.  The challenges have been huge, and the outcomes great.  We have loved 2016.

Journey of the Sage by Michael at Weisensee, Germany

We started in January with Montsalvat in Eltham Victoria, a lovely humble art residency where we hand carved marble left behind from an old lecturer friend 30 odd years ago. We donated these works to Montsalvat and installed them in the garden grounds in December this year.

On our arrival back to Europe in April, we started another art residency with Bei Wu sculpture park in Germany. Here we installed four of our large commissioned works, ‘Journey of the Sage’ and ‘Reflection’ by Michael, and the ‘Guardians’ and ‘Arrival’ by Shona.

at the foundry, Pietrasanta

During our residency in Germany we created a major body of work we are proud to have cast in bronze in Pietrasanta for our show at Mossgreen in November.

Pietrasanta studio for the Alassio residence

During the year Michael received a beautiful private commission to realise an old special work, ‘Fishing Over Uluru’. He created a bronze 2.5 metres high from his original maquette from 1992.  He created it first in wax in the Pietrsanta foundry studio, before casting it at the foundry.  It was installed in a lovely garden on the Melbourne Peninsula in November.

Arrival by Shona at Weisensee, Germany

Shona received another great commission from Swires in Hong Kong for her Male Guardian figure, soon to be installed at the Alassio Residence in Mid Levels. It is a companion to the Female Guardian figure, commissioned a year ago, for adjoining garden at residence Arezzo.

Throughout the year we have been talking to the family of our beloved friend and patron who has passed away, We are

Fishing Over Uluru for private residence by Michael

creating a private memorial sculpture for her and her grand daughter. It is the first time we have worked together on our art. Michael is creating from one of his great boat forms with Shona’s work of two stele figures perched on top. This work has now started as we are here in Pietrasanta beginning the journey of carving in collaboration.