Australia House

The Strand, London

5th June, 2018


an exhibition of sculpture by

Nunan – Cartwright


We are honoured to announce the family, Nunan-Cartwright, have been invited by the High Commissioner, The Honourable Alexander Downer, to exhibit our sculptures at the Centenary celebrations of Australia House in London, 2018.

We are so proud to be showing our art in the iconic Australia House, with our two beautiful boys, both men now, and esteemed artists in their own right, Jacob and Sollai. Amazing to be showing as a family and to feel the history of ourselves and the language we have each built up in our art, emerging into this exhibition. Michael and I have been dedicated since we met in 1981 to our path as artists, always allowing our dreams to be our guiding light in our uncertain world. I guess the family lineage of artists on both sides has made it easier to ignore conventional boundaries and we have all pursued a path suited to our own creativity and joy of being.

In our past we were English, Irish, Scottish, who left our countries as convicts, miners, artisans or as poor farmers to make our fortune on Australia’s bountiful land. Our early relatives were not ready to receive the gift of aboriginal culture but today we are amongst those that deeply respect and appreciate the original people. They have significantly influenced our art and lives.

As artists we are inspired and enriched by ancient living cultures.  We have lived and made our art in rural and urban Australia, in rustic french farmhouses and village homes in the Provencal south of France,  in small villages and great art towns in the Tuscan marble mountains of Italy, in Papua New Guinea  and in pre famine cottages on the wild windswept and luminous western coast of Ireland. We travel throughout Asia and perch ourselves upon tropical islands to connect with nature, and we have sailed on seas where the balance of survival hangs delicately over the unknown. The beauty, the edge of life in nature, the marks of peoples in the land before us, all inspire and alter our life perception, creating the language of our art. Our art has been described as transcultural as we take from the journey of our forebears to Australia and add to it our own nomadic journeys.

Currently, between us, we live in Australia, Provence, Tuscany, and Berlin where we respectively have our studios.


Michael Cartwright

Shona Nunan

Jacob Cartwright

Sollai Cartwright


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Australia House, The Strand, London